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The Heart Sisters outreach began with a simple idea of extending love, kindness and dignity to women working in the commercial sex industry, to embrace, encourage and empower them. We have been building relationships with local strip clubs and other adult entertainment businesses since 2017, offering love and support to the dancers and staff. We bring gift bags filled with items such as cosmetics, jewelry, candles/candle holders, socks, nail polish, flowers, candy, granola bars, popcorn/snack items and baked goods. We share with the girls the simple message that they are loved, valued and purposed, and that support is available to them. We give them a message of hope and let them know we are praying for them. Based on our conversations, we offer resources when needed. The goals of the outreach are to love unconditionally, build relationships, ignite hope and identify purpose.

Coffee and Conversation

Are you tired or stressed? Do you need some quiet time with friends? Join Suzanne, Tammie and Linda for coffee (or tea)—our treat. We also host “Coffee Talk” events a few times a year. This is a time to unwind, relax and recharge in a safe atmosphere. We want you to know that we aren't just your friends inside the club but we are here for you outside the club, too.

Mentoring & Discipleship

Whether you are in the adult entertainment industry or not, if you need a listening ear, encouragement, or support in reaching your goals, we are here for you and would love to encourage you on your journey! We have no agenda or expectations--just real and authentic love and friendship. Heart Sisters is a survivor-trained ministry and whether we’ve been in the industry or not, we have a genuine heart for you and understand the common realities and hardships of working in the industry. The bottom line is, in our own experiences in living life, there are so many things that can connect and bond us together, including not only hardships, hurts and abuse, but also the good things and joys this life brings! Ladies, we are all imperfect people, and please know that we are here to support you in any way we can, whether it's to recommend services or resources if you need them, to listen to your story or to pray with you. Let's do life together!

Our discipleship program cares for women who are ready to begin a life of following Christ. We build a community of support through Bible studies, mentorships and recovery programs.

Support and Care

In collaboration and partnership with the Kalamazoo Area Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition, the YWCA, local churches, and other community organizations, we provide referrals to professional and supporting services for women, including tools and resources for financial planning, addictions, recovery, Resume writing, job search assistance, mental health and medical services, shelter/housing, etc. We also would provide other resources for women who exit the commercial sex industry to rebuild their lives.

Education and Awareness

Heart Sisters, in collaboration and partnership with the Kalamazoo Area Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition, offers education and promotes awareness of the commercial sex industry and human trafficking in our communities through presentations and workshops.

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